A Chai Tea Cocktail you deserve, the SomruS Chai Punch

How do you improve on a relaxing cup of chai? Just add SomruS, of course. Served either hot or cold, the Chai Bunch blends our incomparable, spiced cream liqueur with aromatic chai and just a hint of rose water for a perfectly balanced (and indulgently delicious) cocktail. 


  • 2oz SomruS
  • 3oz Chai Spiced Tea (Hot or Cold)
  • 1 oz Milk
  • 2 dashes rose water

Cocktail Directions

Brew your favorite chai spiced tea without milk. Heat milk to just below boiling. Add SomruS, rose water and chai spiced tea, stirring continuously. Serve in heat resistant handled punch cups with some tea biscuits on the side!