Brew Up a Little Ceremony: Tea Ceremonies From Around The World

Millions of Americans brew a pot of coffee every morning to get the day started. There’s no ceremony to it—it’s just a tool for caffeine delivery. And that’s okay. We’ve done it too. But there’s something different about tea. There’s a ritual to brewing the perfect cup of tea—sure, not for everyone, but enough different cultures around the world have created their own ceremonies around the event to make it more than mere coincidence. As we’ve discussed in previous ­articles, there are a lot of different factors that can impact the quality of your brew. But let’s take a look at cultures that have been elevating the tradition for centuries.


Japan Tea Ceremonies

Japan sets the bar pretty high for tea ceremonies. They’ve raised the art of serving matcha powdered green tea to an art-form that, to this day, still has serious cultural and religious overtones. This practice has evolved to include its own specialized tea-rooms and seasons. The actual presentation, brewing and serving of the tea is a carefully choreographed performance that is heavily ritualized, and people often train for years to get every step right. While this is commendable and worth witnessing, it’s a bit much for SomruS. We respect the tradition, but we’d rather have a little fun.


Tea Cereomonies England

England Tea Ceremonies

This is a nation ready for SomruS—there are few countries that are a better fit than the UK for a SomruS addition to their high-tea. To begin with, India is strongly linked to England thanks to their era of colonialization—which brought tea to India from China. Furthermore, high-tea typically takes place in the late afternoon, and we can’t imagine a better time to add a little adult libation into the mix. English high-tea has always featured cream and sugar—so why wouldn’t you want to toss in a little rum. You learned so much from us, England, now let us show you how to do tea-time right.


Tea Ceremonies India

India Tea Ceremonies

As a nation that largely inherited its tea tradition from England, it’s only natural that we’d pick up on trends like high-tea. Having said that, we’ve absolutely put our own unique spin on the party. First, our high-tea typically takes place a little later—think 5 to 7 pm, rather than mid-afternoon. And our food is better. Sorry cucumber and watercress finger sandwiches, but the diversity of Indian cuisine wins every time. Chai, or spiced tea, has been an Indian staple since the 1800s, and SomruS is uniquely suited to match the varieties of flavor you can experience from India’s various regions. We could give you more details on how to throw an amazing Indian high-tea party, but honestly, just add SomruS. After that, everything comes together perfectly!

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