Brewing the Perfect Cup of Hot Tea

Nothing goes better with SomruS than tea, and that’s saying a lot, especially if you’ve ever had a SomruS milkshake. But there’s just something special about the way SomruS’ flavors mingle with the different varieties of tea. Simply put, it’s magic in a mug. It’s also an excellent way to explore fancy new teas. Having said that, do you know how to brew the perfect cuppa tea? There can be a lot of variation depending on which variety and style of tea you choose. Let us help you break it down.


To start:
Of course individual tastes always vary, but a good rule to follow is: one heaping teaspoon per one cup of water—per person.


While some cultures, particularly China, value restraining tea leaves multiple times to unlock subtly different flavors, we say fresh is best.


Water and Temperature:
Always try to use fresh, filtered water. If possible, avoid re-boiling the same water. It diminishes the oxygen content, which can leave your tea tasting flat and lifeless.


There are some key differences between loose tea and tea bags. First, let’s talk about the right way to brew with a tea bag.


Brewing with a tea bag:
Heat the water in a kettle to just boiling—like, the second the water starts to boil, pour it immediately into a warmed mug. Leave the tea bag to steep for 2½ to 3 minutes. Remove the tea-bag and skip the cream and sugar, because you’re adding 2 ounces of SomruS instead. Trust us.


Brewing loose tea:
Heat water in a kettle to just up to the boiling point:

Green and white teas are best around 70° Celsius

Chamomile is best at 90° Celsius

Oolong and black teas are best around 85° Celsius

Herbal teas require water just at boiling, or 100° Celsius


Before you add the tea into the teapot, warm it with a splash of boiling water from the kettle, and then discard that water. Add the tea and nearly boiling water and let it steep.

Green teas: 1 to 2 minutes

White teas: 1 to 3 minutes

Oolong and black teas: it’s always a matter of preference, but 1 to 3 minutes is safe

Herbal tea: 1 to 3 minutes


After the tea has steeped the perfect amount of time, always remove the leaves from the pot. They’ve contributed all necessary flavor. Their job is done. Finally, it’s not perfect until you splash a couple of ounces of SomruS in. We encourage you to explore all of the different flavors SomruS can unlock within tea varieties. It’s like homework, except we aren’t grading you, and it’s delicious.