SomruS is Proud to Partner with Yo Soy Chicago & Recent Chopped Winner Brian Riggenbach

The boys from Yo Soy took a moment to talk with us at a bustling coffee shop in the Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago—just minutes from their base of operation. They had recently featured our Mayan Rickshaw cocktail as the first drink pairing at their Indian Summer underground dinner, and we were thrilled to get the chance to spend a little more time chatting with them.

In terms of pop-ups and underground suppers, we hadn’t seen them happening

yo-soy-underground-chicago-SomruS-brianSo who are the boys behind Yo Soy Chicago and what exactly do they do? Mikey Corona and his husband Brian Riggenbach started something truly revolutionary in 2009. Brian is a genius chef, and along with Mikey’s advertising and graphic design expertise, they created something revolutionary. Previous careers aside, they enjoyed throwing lavish dinner parties for their friends. Mikey explains how it all started, “It was something that we really loved and we wanted to do for ourselves.

Our dinners sell out before we can even send an alert.

Initially, we wanted our own restaurant, but that’s not how it worked out for us. In terms of pop-ups and underground suppers, we hadn’t seen them happening, but Brian would cook these elaborate dinners for some of our close friends and me. And then it started to grow into friends of friends, and friends of those friends. We launched a blog, and total strangers started reaching out to us. It was totally organic, and something we never expected. Currently, we’ve got about 5 to 6 thousand people on our mailing list. Our dinners sell out before we can even send an alert.”

On any given night of the week, Brian and Mikey transform coffee shops, private residences and obscure spaces into some of the most exciting fine-dining destinations in Chicago. While most of their dinners reflect their shared love of Mexican Cuisine, this year they hosted their second Indian Summer dinner—an event featuring the spices and flavors of India. It’s a destination that they both share a personal connection with. “In the summer of 2014, we went to India on our honeymoon. We’ve been together for 11 years, and it was definitely more of an adventure than romantic. It was intense and amazing. And hot. After last year’s dinner, there were so many dishes we didn’t get to feature, and we still had some spices we’d smuggled back from the spice market in Delhi.”

“We thought that SomruS would be a perfect match for the event. We featured the Mayan Rickshaw, and it worked nicely as a pairing with the panipuri Pour Flavor appetizer. It’s a fried crisp street snack that’s actually interactive. Diners pour the sauce into the shell.”

Not to bury the lead, but it’s very much worth mentioning that Brian recently won the Food Network show Chopped. If you’re mildly obsessed with chef competition shows (like we are), we highly recommend watching the entire episode. Sure, we could post video clips, but the entire competition is amazing. We were thrilled to work with these guys, and you’ll see why Brian deserved to win. Seriously, he’s amazing. SomruS is all about indulging, and you deserve to watch this entire episode. Maybe with a Mayan Rickshaw.


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