Somrus Chai Latte & Somrus Hard Chai Recipes

If you’re lucky enough to visit any of our many on-premise accounts, we’ll be rolling out Somrus Chai Latte cups that will keep your Somrus Chai Latte (or if you need an extra kick, the Somrus Hard Chai) extra cool in those hot summer months. The recipes for both of our simple chai drinks are below, but first we must ask, what is Chai?

Chai is a tricky word. ‘Cha’ or ‘chai’ simply means ‘tea’ throughout a number of Asian countries. But that’s not what you’re going to get if you order a medium chai at your corner coffee shop. So what changed? When did normal tea transform into that delicious, sweet creamy concoction that you’re use to enjoying at the corner café?

Surprisingly, tea wasn’t very popular in India until the mid-20th century, but once it caught on, it got popular in a big way, and Indians adopted the British-style of enjoying tea. That means adding milk and sweetener. Now everyone knows that cream and sugar are delicious, so many of India’s tea-drinkers started adding more milk and sweetener than the British might otherwise consider proper, as well as introducing additional spices. Because there’s nothing that can’t be improved with just a little more spice. No one has ever accused India’s cuisine for being shy on spice, so it’s only fair that tea would get the same treatment. This spiced, sweet and creamy tea became known as Masala chai, which literally translates in Hindi to “mixed-spice tea.”

Masala chai is what you currently get at the popular coffee shops when you order a chai. There’s no set recipe for it, but the spices traditionally include green cardamom, ginger, cloves and even peppercorn. But again, it’s India, so there are a LOT of different variations. You could play around with recreating it at home, or buy a concentrate additive, or even special “chai tea pouches,” but luckily, we have a simpler, more delicious recipe for our Hard Iced Chai.

SomruS Chai Latte

  • 2oz. Somrus Chai Original
  • 6oz. sweetened iced tea
  • It really is that simple (and tasty)

SomruS Hard Chai

  • 2oz Somrus Chai Original
  • 1oz. Your favorite rum, tequila or vodka (to make it hard!)
  • Fill with 5oz sweetened iced tea

You can pickup a bottle of Somrus Chai at any of our retail locations, or better yet, you can order it online in our store!