Eater Lists SomruS in Its List of Favorite Cream Liqueurs That Aren’t Bailey’s

Eater National was kind enough to list SomruS as one of their 10 favorite cream liqueur alternatives to Bailey’s this past Friday, and even went as far as to say it had the most uniquely flavored of all the cream liqueurs listed. Thanks to Jake for all the kind words.

From the article:

Translating to “Nectar of Gods” in Hindi, SomruS is actually itself a rum cream, but stands apart as likely the most uniquely flavored of the cream liqueurs on this list. It’s made with a sourced Caribbean rum and Wisconsin dairy cream, but then takes a distinct turn to India, incorporating a blend of eastern spices including saffron, rose and cardamom, along with almonds and pistachios. Sold in an elaborate golden-scaled bottle, it’s a milky-white in the glass, and comes in at 13.5 percent ABV. Last year SomruS took home Cream Liqueur of the Year honors at the New York International Spirits awards.

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