Somrus Foundation

It goes without saying that while we can discuss finer things in life such as our products, there are millions of children on this planet who simply don’t have access to three square meals a day and there are umpteen number of women in this world who are exploited daily … either by the ones who ostensibly care about them or others who are just out to get them.

At the House of Somrus, we feel blessed and fortunate to be able to lead our lives with freedom, choice and happiness, however at every step of the way, our duty is not only to contribute financially, but make a difference personally in the lives of these unfortunate children and women.

To make that happen, we have funded The Somrus Foundation to a meaningful start from the beginning and we have pledged to continually invest one-percent of our global profits in this foundation. We will be honored to receive your thoughts and ideas on how and where we can make a difference in this quest of ours. Any support we can get from the larger humanity toward these causes is more than welcome and it’ll further boost our efforts to pursue these endeavors with all the more conviction and energy.