What Mixes Well With A Cream Liqueur? A SomruS Recipe for Every Spirit

Whether you’re a skilled mixologist, or just getting your feet wet mixing new cocktails on your own terms, it can be difficult to know which spirits will blend well with a rum-based cream liqueur, and it’s not always intuitive. Some Scotches work, but very few bourbons do even though they’re both whiskeys. Weird, right? In our own experience, certain spirits don’t play well with SomruS, so we’ve pulled together a handful of our recipes, and the core spirit they blend with so you don’t have to worry about any of the guesswork.



Holi Recipes for Vibrant and Colorful Cocktails

Holi is a celebration of life, light and color—a joyful holiday when we play and celebrate with the strangers and loved ones alike. In the spirit of the festivities, we’ve created three colorful cocktails to help get you into the Holi spirit. Each one is a sweet blend of SomruS and vivid ingredients, creating a collection of drinks that honor the colors of Holi.



Christmas Cocktail Recipe: Santa’s Snow Cone

Indulge in a different take on a winter cocktail. With this particular Christmas cocktail recipe, we’ll be trying our hand at an alcoholic “snow cone”  that’s garnished with an oatmeal cookie! Don’t forget to leave one of these out for the big guy.



Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie & Cranberry Cocktail Recipes

The concept behind these drinks is using your Thanksgiving leftovers, pumpkin pie filling or your cranberry jelly, in an after dinner cocktail.



Sompresso, An Espresso & Coffee Liqueur Cocktail

Another one of our favorite signature recipes using coffee liqueur and espresso as compliments to SomruS and vanilla vodka with a topping of three cardamom seeds. (One of the key flavors of SomruS)




A Rum-Based Pink Cocktail For Your Valentine – Monk’s Milk

With Monk’s Milk, we’re going back to the basics and doubling down on what works. What does that mean? Well, for starters, we’re adding more rum—which usually helps with romance. From there, we’re accenting one of our signature flavors to an even higher degree with rose syrup and a rose petal garnish.



Prone Tiger Cocktail: A Rum, SomruS, & Espresso Cocktail

We’ve mingled the bold flavors of aged rum, espresso and amaretto with SomruS for an uncommonly delicious cocktail. It pairs particularly well with desserts, bedtime (or anytime).




A Tea Cocktail With Gin: Indian Summer

Sometimes, great things happen when strangers get together. This tea cocktail pairs SomruS, a Michigan distilled floral gin, muddled avocado with one of our core flavors (which also happens to be the most expensive ingredient on earth), saffron.