SomruS Iced Tea Cocktails Summer Tasting Guide

SomruS mixes amazingly well with many different things, but nothing is better than SomruS and tea—especially iced tea during these hot summer months. But which kinds of teas does it blend best with? Here’s a handy tasting guide to help you pick the perfect pairing. And while everything is a matter of taste, it’s worth mentioning that we’d steer clear of anything with a lot of lemon juice (lemon and cream don’t mix particularly well). And just so you can get the same results at home, we mixed two ounces of SomruS with six ounces of iced tea. We also cooled our tea down in the fridge prior to icing it. You want to avoid watering it down as much as possible to preserve the flavor of the tea.

SomruS Iced Tea Cocktail Ingredients

  • 2oz SomruS
  • 6oz iced tea
  • Garnish with your choice blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries

Black Darjeeling Tea Alcohol Iced Tea Cocktail

Black Darjeeling Tea

Traditionally associated with the Darjeeling district of Bengal, India, Darjeeling tea can come in white, green, black and oolong varieties. But for today’s tasting, we’ve chosen black, which is the original blend. The tea was first cultivated in India in 1841 with seeds stolen from China and is known for it’s rich, fragrant spiciness. So how is it with SomruS? In one word: heavenly. The robust flavors of the tea stand out from the SomruS, working with the liqueurs sweetness and spices, complementing them without ever overpowering. There’s also just a hint of tannin that works its way through, making for a deliciously subtle complexity. This is one you’ll want to linger over and enjoy.

Green Tea Iced Tea CocktailGreen Tea

While green tea originated in China, it’s now widely grown and consumed throughout most of Asia, and has gained a lot of popularity in the west over the last century. This is the oldest known herbal tea, and its cultivation can be traced back over 4,000 years. While there can be a lot of variation by region and preparation, green teas generally have a very clean, mild flavor with just a hint of toasting. When mixed with SomruS, the tea’s subtlety serves as a nice vehicle for SomruS’ mild spice and sweetness. But the toasted quality definitely comes through, giving the drink a nice balance. Don’t take our word for it though. You’ll want to try this one yourself.

Chamomile Alcoholic Iced Tea CocktailChamomile

Chamomile is a daisy-like plant with a long history of various medicinal uses. As a tea, it has a faint but distinct flavor of apples. The origins of its name actually come from an ancient Greek word meaning “ground apples.” While we won’t get into the specific health benefits here, it’s a choice you can always feel good reaching for. With SomruS the apple flavor definitely comes through with a very pleasant fruitiness. It’s like a mouthful of subtly spiced apple pie, and while it’s delicious, this one might actually be better as a hot tea. We’ll have to revisit it when the weather starts getting chillier this fall. We love our research here at SomruS. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it!