SomruS and The Elixir of Immortality

When we first created SomruS, we knew that we had something special on our hands. But we had to find the perfect name. SomruS translates to Nectar of the Gods, which is a pretty great fit! But did you know that it also has another meaning? The “Som” part of our name is a root of “Soma,” which has an ancient and storied history in the Hindu faith.

Lord Brahma, God of Creation, Creator of Fine Spirits

Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation

In Indian mythology, Lord Brahma was the God of Creation, and it’s said that he created Soma, which was the divine elixir of immortality. Looking at the image of him, you might ask, “Then why is he so old?” As the mythology goes, Soma only prevented aging—it didn’t reverse it. Because Lord Brahma had created Soma later in his life, he would have to be content with immortality, while the younger gods enjoyed their eternal youth. All things considered, he was pretty pleased with his discovery, and entrusted the recipe to seven men known as The Saptarishis, or Seven Saints, who in turn passed it down to their followers. Holy men used soma for centuries in religious ceremonies, but all good things—apparently even immortality—must come to an end.

Today, knowledge of Soma’s key ingredient has been lost to history, but there’s still a lively debate over which plants or substances might have served as the base of the beverage. Theories range from honey and Amanita muscaria to cannabis and ephedra, but it’s unlikely that anyone will ever know for sure.

While we make NO claims that our SomruS will bring you immortality, it’ll certainly make the life you live more delicious and interesting. We’re proud of the history and heritage behind everything we do. Thank you for letting us share it with you!