SomruS Origins: The Rose is More than Just a Pretty Face

A rose by any other name… would still probably end up in SomruS. Why? Because it’s the perfect flavor complement for our other four spices. We’ve balanced our liqueur made from natural Wisconsin cream and rum with five essential flavors: cardamom, saffron, pistachios, almonds and of course, rose.

India has a long history with the rose. It’s said that when Alexander the Great invaded India in 327 BCE, he marveled at India’s wealth of cultivated roses and even sent some back to delight his mentor Aristotle. In mythology, Brahma (fan of the lotus) and Vishnu (team rose) argued over which was the most beautiful flower. But when Brahma saw the roses blooming in Vishnu’s gardens, even he conceded to the beauty of the rose.

In cooking, roses can be used in a variety of ways. The petals may be dried and crushed and sprinkled over food, or rose water can be mixed into sauces or beverages. Extracting the essence of the flower into rose water was developed in the Middle East during the 11th century, but eventually found its way to India.

While roses widely fell out of culinary favor in the west during the Renaissance, rose water and powdered roses have long been a flavor used in Indian cuisine. And though western culture continues to rediscover this stunning flower as a flavor, India has never forgotten.

Roses imbue SomruS with sweet, subtle undertones that hint at mint and spice, but if you’ve ever smelled a rose, you know that you’re about to experience a delight to your senses.