Summer Entertaining is upon us.  A time for bridal showers, baby showers, patio parties and more.  Why not try something easy, yet elegant for your guests?  Our Somrus Tea Party Punch is a sure crowd pleaser.

Grab a bottle of Somrus Chai Cream Liqueur and a few more ingredients and you’re well on your way to wowing your guests.

Prep your garnish the night before needed:

Prepare rose petal ice cubes.
Fill 2 standard ice cube trays with water and drop in one edible rose petal per cube. (makes 32 cubes).
Freeze overnight.
Note: Edible rose petals can be easily purchased online.


1 1/2 cups Somrus Chai Cream Liqueur
3 ounces spiced rum
32 ounces TAZO® Chai Tea Concentrate


Add ingredients (except rose petals) to punch bowl and stir until combined. Drop in rose petal ice cubes and the punch is complete for your guests to enjoy.