We’ll give it to you straight up! This 2-ingredient martini is anything but plain. While the recipe is easy enough for a beginner, the flavor is delectable. Versatile and rich, this cocktail is perfect as a dessert, an after-dinner drink, or a night cap… during Happy Hour… on a Saturday afternoon… reading a blog…

You’ll need a cocktail shaker, a strainer, and a martini glass. Let’s get started.

Somrus Vanilla Chaitini recipe:

3 parts Somrus Chai

1 part vanilla vodka

Combine in a cocktail shaker over ice. Vigorously shake then strain into a martini glass. Like your martinis on the rocks? Just add ice, ice baby!

Pro tip: If you only have plain old vodka on hand, we’ve got a backup recipe in store so you don’t have to run to one. Substitute vodka for vanilla vodka and add a few drops of vanilla extract for each drink.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick or get a little fancy with some ground cinnamon like we did below. Bottoms up!