Tea Cocktail Recipe Video: SomruS Chai Tea Punch

With the snow and ice melting, spring and summer are right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about sipping on iced tea cocktails in the great outdoors again. This drink is the perfect combination of SomruS, Chai, and spice. In this tea cocktail recipe video, Saumya Gumidyala with a quick cameo by our mixologist Benjamin Newby, walk you through all the steps to make this simple drink that clocks in at under 2 minutes to make.


  • 2oz SomruS
  • 3oz Chai Spiced Tea (Hot or Cold) • 1 oz Milk
  • 2 dashes rose water


Brew your favorite chai spiced tea without milk. Heat milk to just below boiling. Add SomruS, rose water and chai spiced tea, stirring continuously. Serve in heat resistant handled punch cups with some tea biscuits on the side!

Pour steeped, strong black tea into an Indian roadside “Dhaba” glass. Mix in room temperature SomruS & sip slowly, preferable listening to old Bollywood songs!