There’s No Party Like a Kitty Party

Once upon a time, Kitty Parties were the territory of sweet old Aunties. Every month, a group of ladies would come together and meet in one of their homes. At the beginning of the gathering, each guest would hand over an established amount of money to the hostess, and the total amount, or kitty, would be handed over to a different member of the group each month.

During the party, the ladies would eat, drink and play games. The games can range from cards, guessing games and all sorts of other entertaining challenges. Have you ever tried to balance a peacock feather on your fingertip, much less walk across the room while doing it? Regardless of the games, it was a wonderful way for women to share stories, gossip and let their hair down amongst trusted friends.


Today, Kitty Parties are changing. While the Aunties are still doing their thing, younger couples are changing the way the party goes. Now it’s not uncommon for men to be invited, and frequently they’ll be held in swank, third-party venues rather than a group member’s home. Some friend-circles will even use these parties as an excuse to take lavish weekend getaways. But whether you want to honor the old traditions or throw a lavish party for female AND male friends, you’ll always want the best refreshments to impress your group. And that’s where SomruS can help you. Getting a party prepped is more than enough work, so we’ve got a couple of simple recipes to help you impress when you have other things to prepare for.
Chilled SomruS:

Pour to your heart’s content, and just add ice.


Or for an amazingly decadent treat:



3 oz. of black tea

1 oz. of SomruS


Mix and savor.


For a slightly more challenging and delicious drink, try our Kama Sutra!