What’s the Difference Between Liqueur and Liquor?

Good question! While liqueurs contain liquor, that doesn’t make the two interchangeable. Confused? That’s okay. It requires some explanation. So let’s start with the basics: liquor, or hard liquor, is a distilled drink made from fermenting grains, plants, and fruits, resulting in a beverage with high alcohol by volume or ABV. While sugars are present in the fermentation process, the end result is usually quite potent and tastes bitter, with a distinct after burn, and sweetness is initially kicked to the curb. Examples include whiskey, gin, tequila, and rum.

So what’s a liqueur?

Another good question! Liqueurs tend to be sweeter and while you can add sugar and flavoring to liquors after the fact, that DOES NOT make a liqueur. Liqueurs can trace their history back through the ages—behind many famous medicinal cures, there was probably an herbal infused mildly alcoholic beverage that might not have helped, but damn they definitely lifted the “spirits!” Modern liqueurs can be based on these herbal remedies, but many are created simply to represent the flavors and essence of a certain region.

Liqueurs rely on a base liquor—for SomruS, it’s rum. We add Wisconsin cream and cardamom, almonds, roses pistachios and saffron, letting them rest just long enough for the flavors to mingle and marry together. When it’s ready, what you sip is perfection.

The ingredients of SomruS are known for their health benefits, including wonderful digestif qualities, and while we make NO specific claims regarding the benefits of enjoying SomruS, we still strongly recommend a daily dosage.