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Experience a more delicious everyday. Our liqueurs are exquisitely crafted from high-quality ingredients and use all natural flavors, delivering a taste you can trust. They’re also versatile, enhancing every beverage they touch. Perk up your morning coffee, enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up, or splash some Somrus into your evening cocktail. Morning, noon, and night—Somrus suits every mood and occasion.




  • “I received all three Somrus flavors today and I am OBSESSED.”

    Haley D.

    Des Moines, IA

  • “The Coffee is insanely good just over ice.”

    Rachel R.

    Pensacola, FL

  • “If you aren’t familiar with the products available from @enjoysomrus, now’s the time to get on the trolley!! I use them all regularly and they continually blow people’s minds. ”

    Matt B.

    Redding, CA

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    Now in the UK!

    Introducing Somrus Cream Liqueurs, exquisitely crafted from high-quality ingredients and all natural flavors. If you’re located in the UK, sign in to your Amazon account to order Somrus Coffee and Somrus Mango, and enjoy a more delicious everyday.

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