HomePlaceBlog: SomruS Indian Cream Liqueur Pairing at Thali New Haven

Bonnie from Home Place Blog was kind enough to do a write up about the Thali dinner where SomruS was paired with traditional Indian and Thai dishes.

From the article:

Flavors like saffron, nuts, cardamom, tumeric, mints, and more … so I was beyond pleased when we received an invite to a cocktail and food pairing, featuring a new Indian Cream Liqueur, SomruS,  that was being held at Thali on Orange Street in New Haven’s Ninth Square.

SomruS, a rum based liqueur, whose name translates to “Nectar of the Gods” is delightfully light and smooth, with a slightly sweet and aromatic quality.

What a perfect compliment to the exotic flavors from Thali Restaurant!

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