SomruS Adult Milkshakes at Key West’s hidden gem The Salty Angler

seth-tuten-salty-anglerWhen you have a liqueur infused with so many exotic flavors, you expect to occasionally run into a bottle in beautiful, far-flung destinations. Luckily for us, during our travels we managed to run into two bottles perched on the back bar of the southernmost tip of Key West. On a late Saturday night at The Salty Angler, we met Seth Tuten working behind the stick, pouring beers, mixing drinks, expertly handling drunk, amiable locals and serving up one of the best SomruS milkshakes we’ve ever tasted—the SomBeach. And trust us when we say, adult milkshakes are a rare find in Florida.

In the tradition of classic Key West, The Salty Angler itself is an iconoclast in the best sense of the word. Just a few blocks from the Hemingway House, with its adorable mutant cats, and every conceivable tourist attraction found throughout the Keys, The Salty Angler is a (relatively) calm oasis on a stately block just a few steps from the southernmost point in the United States. No debate: if you’re looking for hickory smoked barbecue, The Salty Angler should be your first and last stop in Key West—and try the Thunder Thighs. They’re a smoky, spicy, substantial portion of chicken for a shockingly reasonable price.

Seth Tuten works the bar nearly every night, save Wednesday, when he runs the kitchen—giving the head chef a much needed night off. Sure, you can find fresh local seafood at The Salty Angler, which is par for the course everywhere in Key West. They’ll even filet, debone and cook your fresh catch. Beyond that though, they feature the most comprehensive boozy milkshake list we’ve ever encountered. The SomBeach shake is an intoxicating blend of SomruS, white rum and vanilla bean ice cream.

If we gave you their exact recipe, we’d deny you the chance to try their creation for yourself. So our only recommendation is that you make the beautiful trek down to Key West, drink in the ocean, enjoy the local color and, by all means, order a SomBeach Milkshake or two. Most of the fun of traveling is finding yourself in a delightful, unexpected destination, and few spots manage to be off the beaten path (while being just steps away from the beaten path) more than The Salty Angler.

In case you ever find yourself in Key West, stop in to the Salty Angler for a boozy milkshake you won’t soon forget.  Follow The Salty Angler on Facebook