SomruS Makes Magic with New Mango Cream Liqueur

We love the flavors of India. After all, SomruS features five iconic and traditional spices and nuts in its unique original blend, as well as pure dairy milk and handcrafted rum. But we wanted to experience a new flavor—particularly the tang of mouthwatering mango. We were inspired by the classic Indian Mango Shake or Lassi, but we couldn’t pick just any mango. We chose the Alphonso mango, which is known worldwide as the “King of Mangoes” thanks to its exceptional flavor, aroma and texture.

This particular mango’s name comes from Alfonso de Albuquerque, a Portuguese General who helped establish Portuguese colonies throughout India, even serving as the Duke of Goa. The Portuguese introduced their grafting technologies to India, which allowed us to eventually cultivate and reproduce (in our opinion) the finest mangoes in the world.

Usually harvested over the course of several weeks in April and May, the Alphonso Mango is considered a rare treat. The finest chefs from around world have celebrated this treasured fruit in delectable culinary creations, and it’s even been known to inspire poetry. Of course, that also means it’s pricy, but once we tasted our new SomruS Alphonso Mango, we knew the sumptuous flavor was worth it.

We highly recommend enjoying it chilled or mixed into your favorite tropical drink—it plays very well with Tiki cocktails! And added to recipes, it also makes AMAZING cheesecake and ice-cream. The possibilities are endless! In Indian legend, SomruS was known as the “Nectar of the Gods,” and our new SomruS Alphonso Mango definitely deserves a place in the pantheon. Our original 5-spiced SomruS will always be our first love, but there’s infinite room in our hearts for SomruS Alphonso Mango cream liqueur!

SomruS Mango is available now in Connecticut, and will be available in New Jersey as of May 1st at your favorite local retailer!