Tasting Panel: Deconstructing Liqueurs and Exploring Kama Sutra with SomruS

Tasting Panel was kind enough to include SomruS in its article Deconstructing Liqueurs. From the article:

Inspired by a traditional creamy Indian dessert called Ras Malai, SomruS’s exotic flavors of cardamom, saffron, pistachio, almond and rose are familiar to over one billion consumers. Launched last fall, SomruS is SomPriya’s first product and is currently produced in the United States. The brand will also move toward produc- tion in India, its country of inspiration, once the technology there is perfected.

“When you look at liqueurs, by definition they are representative of their geographies,” Garg says. “Then you look at one-fifth of the world’s population and there is absolutely no product in the world representing the flavors and aromas of the Indian subcontinent in 2015!”

SomruS literally means “Nectar of the Gods,” and it’s quickly becoming one of the most-awarded cream liqueurs in the world, winning Cream Liqueur of the Year at last year’s New York International Spirits Competition.